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Wednesday, July 06, 2016
Don't Miss Out on School News

Sign up with "Notify Me" here on the school website if you want to receive school information throughout the school year. You have the option of receiving emails only or emails and text messages. Just click "Notify Me" on the home page. Instructions will be given on the next screen.
Advice: If you use Straight Talk, you may not receive your verification code for text notifications. If this happens, choose the carrier that your Straight Talk phone works with. (Example: I use Straight Talk, but had to choose AT&T because my Straight Talk phone operated on AT&T towers.)

*****NOTIFY ME does NOT replace the school district's notification system called SCHOOL CAST.  SCHOOL CAST is the system that notifies you of delays, dismissals, ect.  NOTIFY ME is simply a communication tool between Pisgah High School and Pisgah parents.*****

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