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  About The School  

Pisgah High School

Pisgah High School

89 Metcalf St.

Pisgah, Alabama 35765

Phone:  256-451-3241

Coach's Office: 256-451-3091

Lunch Room:  256-451-3235

Mission Statement





·         Education is essential to the preservation of our local and global culture.


·         Educational efforts must be interwoven with parental support of those we are charged to educate.


·         Students should be challenged at every opportunity to develop all aspects of life including academics, the arts, social interaction, and leisure activities to enable them to become productive, competent, and well-rounded citizens.






It is the vision of Pisgah High School that every member of our school community strives for excellence in academic achievement, develops the ability to learn and think independently, and perseveres on challenging tasks.






 Pisgah High School: Developing a community of learners.


History of Pisgah High School

Pisgah High School
Pisgah High School

In 1917 Pisgah Junior High School was established.  It became a high school in 1925. Albert Raines, later to become a U. S. Congressman, was the first principal after the state took over the school. In 1938, the main high school building consisting of nine classrooms, a home economics department, a library, two rest rooms, a teacher's lounge, and a principal's office was built with WPA labor. The elementary building (two-story building) was constructed in 1953.  The lunch room was also located in this building. Additional buildings added were - a new gym, which is in current use, in 1961; a junior high wing, which is now the elementary building, in 1963; a new agriculture department which is in current use in 1964; a new lunchroom in 1969 also in current use; and a new library in 1985.

Through the years several schools have consolidated with Pisgah - Jones Cove, Webster, Chalybete Springs in 1939, New Herman in 1941, Browntown and Central in 1946, Sublets in 1951, Pleasant View in 1964, and Deans Chapel in 1969.

In the fall of 1998, sixty years after the construction of the main high school building, students moved into the present day building.  The main structure of the old high school building was sold and moved to Gorham's Bluff.

Old High School Built 1938                      Two story building Built 1953

First School Building

Pisgah High School Principals



Albert Raines

J. B. Cagle

1931-1951Jesse Wheeler
1951-1953J. E. Stephens
1953-1971Cecil Bearden
1971-1973Billy Lee Beard
1973-1975Paul Allred
1975-1976John Allen
1976-1981Jerry Jeffery
1981-1982Wayne Pendley*
1982-1989Sam Kenimer
1989-1996Billy Shelton
1996-2000Ronnie Shelton

John Kirby

2007-PresentMark Guffey

*Wayne Pendley, principal; Alex Jeffery, custodian;
and Timothy Brown, a summer worker were killed in
an accidental fire in the two-story building at
Pisgah School in the summer of 1982.

Compiled by: Darlene Wheeler and Phyllis Whitton

Pisgah High School Alma Mater

Image for Pisgah High School Alma Mater

(to the tune to "Hail to Old I. U.")

In the midst of Alabama

Proudly do we stand.

Pisgah High School

Mighty Eagles

Greatest in the land.

Your influence will

Surround us

Wherever we may be.

Hail to thee our Alma Mater

We give praise to thee.